What To Do With Pain

Today we have the opportunity to hear from my friend, Joshua North, about the importance of processing through our pain so that we can get above what we feel and see God’s bigger perspective. Are you going through some hard times and aren’t sure where it’s all leading? This week’s entry will help!

What I Told My Daughter About God

A few weeks ago I was reading my daughter a bedtime story from her children’s Bible when something that I read greatly disturbed me and shook me to the core. The book I was reading, the way the story was told … it was subconsciously teaching us something about God that really isn’t true. I closed the book, looked at her in the eye and told her, “This is a terrible explanation of the Good News of Jesus. Let me tell you what really happened”. Want to know more? Check it out in this week’s entry!

Be A Jethro To Somebody

I guarantee there is someone in your life who is holding back from pursuing a dream because they think they’re crazy and unqualified and so do a handful of important people in their life. But, YOU – you have the opportunity (right here, right now, today) to speak into their life words of encouragement and challenge and belief. Tell them that you believe in them! Tell them that they can do it! Tell them that God has destined them for great things! Good stuff in today’s entry, check it out!

When God Sleep Trains You

Does it feel like God has left you all alone? Does it feel like you’ve been left to figure out life on your own? Learning to trust God even when you don’t feel His presence is a huge and necessary leap in our spiritual development and maturity. This post will help you make some sense of what you’re feeling and give you some fresh perspective to keep going!

Family Is Family

It’s Guest Blogger day at MorningEncouragement.com and today we get to hear from my friend, Jessie Linn Strobel. Jessie recently embarked on the journey of finding out more about her family history and she came away with some great takeaways that can challenge and encourage us all. Check it out!

When The Waters Don’t Part

Have you ever stepped into a river or sea of problems fully expecting for God to show up and for the waters to part so that you could easily walk to the other side and move on with your life? And have you ever found yourself standing in those waters only to see them NOT part? And for the problems to get worse? And worse? And worse? There’s some solid perspective and HOPE for you in today’s entry. Check it out!

My Neighbor Is, WHO?!

You’ve heard about the story of the Good Samaritan before, but you haven’t heard it like this. In this week’s entry we talk hatred, forgiveness, and praying that people we can’t stand to be around don’t die. Check it out!

Melchizedek King of Salem

In the book of Genesis we come across a random Priestly King from the Land of Salem who spends a few verses with Abraham and then walks off the pages of the Bible. His story is short, but it’s important AND it has much to teach us about how God expects us to live our lives today, in 2017. Check it out!

Jesus Isn’t Afraid Of Your Mess

Is your life a mess? Is there something going on that is so big, so messy, and so confusing that you don’t know where to begin? Whatever it is, whatever is going on – Jesus isn’t afraid of it and is ready and willing and able to take you by the hand, step into it, and bring some fresh perspective and breath some new life. Check it all out in this week’s entry!

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