Let Your Words Be Few

One time in the Bible Jesus told His disciples not to pray long prayers, but to keep them short. Why? Because God isn’t like Caesar, that’s why – a Truth that we all need to hear. Check out more in this week’s entry!

The Sin of Certainty

Have you ever met someone who was so set on their view and understanding of God that no matter what you said, your opinion (that was even 1% different than theirs) was unacceptable? Me too. In this week’s entry we talk about “the sin of certainty” and provide some helpful perspective. Check it out!

The Biggest Enemy Of Your Dreams

In 1543 Copernicus released an idea to the world that changed the way every generation from that point forward would look at and understand the universe. BUT. It was an idea that he almost didn’t share, that was almost never published. Why? FEAR. Fear causes people to hold back, to keep ideas and dreams to themselves. I wonder, today, what dreams are YOU holding back because of FEAR? Check out more in this week’s entry!

A Different Look At Revelation

You’ve heard of the book of Revelation, I’m sure, but you’ve probably never heard it talked about like this. Is it about the End Times? The Return of Christ? The Apocalypse? OR, is it about something more? Something deeper? Something that’s so obvious that we’d clearly see it if we’d only take the time to look. Check out more in this week’s entry!

Lessons From Daddy-Jordan Time

I’ve been a father for 6 months and God has been teaching me a lot about life and the things that matter most. In this week’s entry I talk a little bit about worry and anxiety and how the things that we worry about for tomorrow can easily rob us of the moments we ought to be cherishing today.

Thoughts From North Carolina

My family moved from New Jersey to North Carolina and it’s all got me thinking a lot about life and how the things in life that are different and scary and unfamiliar can actually be the best preparation for the destiny that God has for us all. In an uncomfortable place right now? Not sure what God is up to or what’s next on the horizon for you? Join the club, and check out some fresh perspective in today’s entry!


I used to think the book of Leviticus in the Bible was the most boring book … ever. It’s filled with rules and laws and regulations. What I’m learning, though, is that once the context is understood, it’s actually one of the most uplifting and important books in the entire Bible. Need some encouragement today? Need to know that God is a God who’s not out to get you? Who wants the best for you? And the world around you? Check it all out in this week’s entry!

Ananias, Sapphira, and Authenticity

There’s a crazy story in the New Testament about 2 people who kept some money for themselves and then dropped dead. Most people read the story completely wrong and in today’s entry I’ll show you a different way to read it and pull out an important principle that IF put into practice could change your part of the world for the better. Check it out!

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